Q-1) Is synopsis included with every project?
If the synopsis is included, it will be specified on project details page.

Q-2) What is the cost of the project?
The cost of each project is given with the respective project.

Q-3) Can I get the hardcopy copy of complete project?
No. We ONLY provide the soft copy.

Q-4) My Query is not listed here. What to do?
You can mail us your queries at info@projectreportonline.com

Q-5) Can I get some discount?
Sorry, our prices are fixed and we don’t offer any discounts.

Q-10) I am unable to find any suitable topic for my project?
We are releasing new projects every week. So visit our website after a few days, you might get a suitable topic.

Q-11) How should I find which project report is with synopsis?
Either see the package details of that particular project report or search ‘SYNOPSIS’ in the search bar on the right hand side of the webpage.

Q-12) How Project Report Online helps students to prepare the final projects?
Ans) We help students to prepare projects according to their chosen field/Title as suggested by their Guides.

Q-13) What are the Advantages of Purchasing a Project?
Ans) The main advantages of purchasing the project is get the good Topic with 100% approval guarantee & there after implementation of the project. Because of Lack of time & no Guidance Lead to wastage of time & session among the students. Project Report Online we provide readymade & customized projects as per the requirement of the students, which helps the students not only to clear as well as pass the project with good Marks.

Q-14) Does Project Helpline prepares the questionnaire for primary data analysis of the project?
Ans) Yes Project Helpline helps in preparing the questioner for the management, journalism, tourism & Library Science Projects which are on Linkart Scale of 5. From there questioner we actaly do the data analysis which we pu-t in the form of charts and other graph formula to represent the result.

Q-15) What are the software used for Data Analysis?
Ans) We use SPSS & Microsoft Excel to Analysis the data & for the Graphical representation. From these Graphical representation which are Bar Charts, Pi charts & Graphics ,we decide the result on the basis of primary data collected from the sample size using Questioner.

Q-16) Do you provide the help for the Tourism Projects?
Ans) We provide the project report on the Latest issues in the local & international Tourism. The projects are related to how to enhance Tourism and research related to latest topics of Tourism.